Our firm was founded in 2012 by bringing together our personal backgrounds and scientific, academic and institutional experiences: one in the field of national constitutional law, the other in the field of constitutional law in the European and global framework.

The legal practice of our firm, which offers legal advice and assistance before national and supranational courts and arbitrators, deals with different cases in every branch of law – such as criminal law, civil law, family law, commercial law, labour law, administrative law, tax law, etc. Our proprium is to intervene when traditional interpretation criteria and common legal strategies do not allow to effectively face and solve legal problems.

In particular, Oralex is focused on the safeguard of the rule of law principle and the effective protection of fundamental rights in the above mentioned new legal context, the legal regulation of social and economic relationships, the need of integration between national and supranational case law, balances and conflicts between powers of the State and balances and disputes over the division of competences between State and Regions.

Due to our multilevel and multisectoral approach, we usually cooperate with other law firms, specialized in specific area of law and with primary international law firms which offer multidisciplinary assistance.