The ever-closer integration between national and European legal systems and the development of different systems of protection of fundamental rights oblige lawyers, judges and all legal operators to compare and balance norms, interpretation criteria, decision-making techniques and judgments of different origins.

The skills that our team have acquired in that field allow us to provide to individuals and legal operators a reliable guide in regulatory and case law research and in the coordination among different protection tools, legal languages and interpretation criteria.

Oralex offers legal assistance in the definition of the most effective procedural strategies in the above-mentioned multi-level framework. This implies first and foremost the ability to evaluate and identify the appropriate jurisdictional remedy to obtain protection.

Oralex has gained significant experience in applications before the European Court of Human Rights and in the legal assistance in all subsequent stages of the proceeding. Among the many cases patronized, we recall the Genoa’s G8 case and the Viola case, which led the ECtHR to condemn Italy for violating the prohibition of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment; several appeals are still pending, concerning, among others, violation of the guarantees of due process, the principle of legality, religious freedom, the right to the protection of the property, the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation.