Graduated summa cum laude in law at the University of Milan in October 2019, discussing a thesis entitled The role of constitutional precedents in civil law methodology in relation to some approaches in contract law studies.

He is a Ph.D. student in constitutional law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and cultore della materia at the University of Milan.

He attended the post-graduate courses in Legal protection against gender-based violence (2020) and Litigation before the European Courts (2021) at the University of Milan.

His competences mainly refer to constitutional law and constitutional justice, especially with regard to the relationships between civil law and constitutional law, legal interpretation and regional law.

He takes part in several evaluation and quality assurance activities and he is now registered as an expert evaluator for the periodic accreditation of university by the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes.

Limiti costituzionali alla libertà contrattuale e sindacato giurisdizionale: un nuovo caso di rilettura costituzionalmente orientata del canone di buona fede, in Forum di Quaderni costituzionali, n. 3/2020.

He has an excellent knowledge of English.

He works with ORALEX since November 2019, where he has completed his legal traineeship.